Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of the President, the Past President, the President-Elect, the Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer and the Executive Secretary.

The Steering Committee is responsible for the daily management of the association and it reports to the Executive Committee. The Steering Committee can delegate certain responsibilities and powers to its members, especially to the Executive Secretary. It keeps the Executive Committee informed about important issues such as the selection of the time and place of the meetings of the Executive Committee and of the General Assembly. The Steering Committee makes sure that the organisation of programmed conferences is proceeding well.

Officers 2024-2025



The President is the chief spokesperson for the association, the chairman of the Executive Committee, and Presiding Officer at all meetings of the membership and of the Executive Committee. 

Elif Karaosmanoglu

Istanbul Technical University


Past President


Tammo Bijmolt

University of Groningen


Vice-President Conferences

The Vice-President Conferences is in charge of the coordination and standardisation of the association's Annual Conference, Doctoral Colloquium, and other academic meetings. S/he is in charge of controlling compliance to established EMAC Conference contracts and guidelines.


Jaap Wieringa

University of Groningen


Vice-President Education & Professional Development

The Vice-President for Education and Professional Development is responsible to develop PhD programs and tutorials for doctoral students and young researchers in the area of marketing. He or she is also responsible for developing EMAC as an information and professional development platform for PhDs and Young researchers.

Arnaud De Bruyn

ESSEC Business School


Vice-President Corporate Relationships

The Vice-President Corporate Relationships is responsible for developing relations between the association and business community, business practitioners and sponsors. He/she is also responsible to develop research agenda that takes into account the needs of the business community.

Ajay Kohli

Georgia Institute of Technology 


Vice-President Global Relations

The Vice-President Global Relations is responsible for developing relations between the association and other marketing associations and organizations from around the world, and for expanding and deepening EMAC's global ties.

Renana Peres

The Hebrew University


Vice-President Publications

The Vice-President Publications is responsible for the association's publications, particularly for the association's Journals. S/he reviews/makes proposal for any modifications to any EMAC publication to the Executive Committee. S/he makes recommendations on publication contracts, publication policies, subscription rates, budget and other matters relevant to the overall publication programme of EMAC. S/he is responsible for assisting the publisher of the association's Journal to obtain maximum circulation for the Journal.

Michael Haenlein

ESCP Business School


Vice-President Membership and Communication

The Vice-President Membership and Communication is responsible for the monitoring of membership's needs and coordination of the efforts made by the National/ Regional Representatives to promote the association in their countries/ region. S/he is also responsible for communication to the members, through the website, newsletter and other communication channels.

Morana Fuduric

University of Zagreb



The Treasurer is responsible for controlling and approving the annual accounts of the association, for presenting them to the Executive Committee Members and for communicating them to the EMAC Members during the General Assembly.

Bernd Skiera

Goethe University Frankfurt


EMAC Executive Secretary

Anne-Laure Marteaux


Mobile: +32 485 729 387
: +32 2 226 66 67