EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award

Purpose: This annual award is designed to be the highest honor that a marketing educator who has had extensive connections with EMAC can receive. The two main criteria for the award are: (1) Outstanding marketing scholarship as reflected in extensive, impactful research contributions and (2) Outstanding contributions to the European Marketing Academy.

The winner will receive the award at the annual EMAC Conference where the winner will present a research lecture at a special session in their honor. The winner will also be invited to submit an associated research article to IJRM and a shorter article to the EMAC Chronicle.

Criteria: The criteria considered when evaluating nominees are:

Heaviest weight:
1. Research contributions
2. Contributions to EMAC

Important, but of lesser weight:
3. Teaching and mentoring
4. General creativity/innovativeness
5. Service to the marketing community and the public at large

Nominations: Nominations are invited from individuals and marketing departments. The nominations should include:

1. A letter (not to exceed four pages) summarizing the nominee’s accomplishments on the five criteria above. 
2. A current curriculum vitae for the nominee.
3. At least 3 and at most 5 supporting letters, not to exceed 2 pages each.

Award Selection Committee: The award selection committee will be comprised of three people, each of whom will serve a three year term. Each year, the Chair will rotate off and another member will rotate on. The new member will typically be that year's awardee, but might be another distinguished academic, perhaps a past IJRM editor, of similar stature.

The (outgoing) chair will formally nominate the next year's committee. That nomination will be approved (or modified) by the EMAC Executive Committee either at the Annual Conference but no later than 1 December of a given year.

While in unusual circumstances there may be up to two winners of the award, normally there will be at most one winner in a given year.

The committee is responsible for receiving nominations and selecting a recipient who is to be notified, as noted below, by Mid-March of any year. The Steering Committee is to be notified of the awardee immediately after the winner is notified and in advance of a more general announcement of the award.